Website Value Calculator

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to know how much your website worth without a fortune on ‘guru’ appraisal people? Wouldn’t it be more great to appease your website for free? I bet it would. So, today I will help you learn how to calculate your website value on your own. First things first, the main factors to be taken into consideration when evaluating your site are:

  • Website Age
  • Website Traffic (the most accurate estimate you can get if you do not own the website you want to appraise is alexa)
  • Backlinks linking to the website from authority webpages
  • Loading time (Visitors often leave websites before they even see them if these fail to load in 2-3 seconds)
  • Pagerank, Domain authority and moz metrics (all three derive mainly from the quality of the backlinks)

So, what you have to do is visit different kind of websites to get all these info. Or you can visit this great website: which does the job for you. It calculates every website value hassle free giving you a realistic appraisal in less than 5 seconds! It is truly powerful. There are also many other like alike websites but I recommend this one because it doesn’t count only traffic to give an estimate, it also calculates more other factors like the 5 points above plus the presentation of the website in social networks.


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